Training workshops on building charisma, self-confidence, strong voice, public speaking and much more

We already helped hundreds of people build their confidence, find their voice and stage presence. The training workshops will give you the tools to evolve and grow in your every day life and career. We walk you through how to develop a strong personal brand, and the tools and tactics you’ll need to achieve your goals and present yourself in the best possible way. Not only will you receive insightful views on how to deal with stress and anxiety during presentations and meetings, you’ll walk away with an actionable plan: you will know yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, and how to deal with them in business and social situations.




Program modules:


Talking about yourself is difficult. It requires freedom, confidence and sensitivity to the reaction of listeners. We teach the necessary skills to speak freely about your competences, while creating the image of a reliable speaker.


Leaders have big personalities, courage and charisma. We offer stage courage training, based on acting skills and improvisation, which allow participants to get out of comfort zone and create new experience building competences as leaders in all aspects of life.


Impeccable diction is the key to success in being heard and understood. Linguistic negligence in the age of electronic communication is common and very troublesome. We give a recipe on how to be effective in verbal communication and how to find strong, charismatic voice generated from the diaphragm.


The chemistry of nervousness. We find out how to deal with our nerves when we are on stage, and which tools to use to stay confident. How to survive when we have solo speech on stage and how to be memorable. We want to be unique and special. We are this way already, but we are afraid to show it, to talk about it. Emotional workshop helps us to learn how to say: „Hello it‘s me, I am visible!“


When the body language is right, breathing mechanism is set free to function properly. We need to feel confidence in our body to be reliable in every business situation. It is very refreshing for our head and heart. WE NEED TO GET OUT OF OUR COMFORT ZONE TO FEEL THE FREEDOM.


Are we taking everything too personally? Do we see everyone as competition? Is other people’s success hard to accept? These questions help us to understand issues in communication and the answers will lead us in the right direction. Improv scenes will be based on very specific characters we are going to play, we use our technique with strong emotions.


Most of the things which go wrong with the voice do not begin with the vocal organs but from fear and shame. Here we work on how not to be afraid of embarrassment. What is embarrassment? Why are we so involved in this area? Why is it so unnecessarily frustrating? Body language, tuning into breath, speech, bringing it all together and using our voice to progress.


Building a personal brand as a way of overcoming mental blocks and communication barriers, as well as conscious image building as a tool for self-development in public and private space allows for the confidence necessary for communication.

Participants receive:

training materials

training journal

a certificate of participation

personal training report

a clip from the training workshop

recommended literature for further research