An innovative center focused on individual work with the client. We provide comprehensive intellectual and emotional care. We work with children and adults on speech therapy and create themed workshops. We combine speech therapy with theater and broadly understood art. We have a proprietary program that, thanks to its attractiveness and a huge amount of various exercises, stands out on the market and lets every patient find space for themselves.

It is a place for people who want to work on their personality, charisma, temperament or building themselves in the category of creators and socially interesting people, but also for children who are shy or require more intensive work on diction and voice emission.

We also help in identifying key communication barriers, including:

childhood traumas

painful experiences during puberty


anxiety attacks

low self-esteem

tormenting shyness

emotional hypersensitivity

By colliding these problems with the methodology of our work, we prove that the practices we propose give results and shape new customer habits, while the unpleasant duty of speaking in public and confrontation turns into the pleasure of communicating with others.