Julia’s voice emission training workshops have given me a lot. Through her exercises I perfected increasing volume and strength of my voice. Additionally, as a person who used to mumble, I’ve become someone who pronounces every word exactly like movie actors. Doing improv exercises helped me to learn how to articulate my thoughts. Before that, I didn’t know where to start and how to figure out what I want to say. Thanks to Julia, my self-confidence has increased, and I can see the results – in higher quality in my private life and professional too.

Attending one of Julia’s classes was an absolute pleasure. Julia is very committed to passing on the vast knowledge she has, she has such interesting exercises that not only serve to learn the correct pronunciation, but, to work on your creativity in life and business. The biggest advantage of these workshops was overcoming the lack of confidence that translated into my way of speaking – quiet, uncertain, timid. Now I feel how strong my voice is and I can see my potential.

Mrs. Julia Mikołajczyk was recommended to me as employees’ trainer in corporations and companies in the areas of voice emission, public speaking, expression and vocal technique. As a person cooperating with clients and business partners, I was often forced to perform in front of a large “auditorium”. My job depends on how confident the statement, the breathing technique, the expression and the emotions are conveyed, how others perceive me. Practical exercises, tricks and techniques that I learned at the training led by Mrs. Julia were a good practice for me. During the training I learned about my communication weaknesses and how to work on them. Training with Ms Julia is a well invested time.